Wholesome, tasty, organic

bone broths and sauces

At tonemade, we love your guts! 


We are inspired to create the most nutritious and delicious way to promote good gut health, boost your immunity and nourish your joints. Creating mineral and nutrient dense bone broths and sauces takes several days to prepare, and a busy lifestyle often leaves no time for this. So we do it for you! 

We source the best locally farmed organic grass-fed beef and organic vegetables in Gippsland because we are passionate about the health of our families, communities and the environment. 





Our difference is time.

We simmer our broth for 48 hours to create a natural and readily absorbed source of minerals and amino acids. Medicinal ingredients such as ginger, turmeric and cinnamon not only add to the potential healing properties but contributes to the delicious result – liquid gold! 

You may be using broth as a healing staple food, a sporting supplement or simply to enliven your everyday dishes. Whatever the reason, we are sure you will find our products as versatile, easy to use and tasty as we do! 


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