Our story

Tonemade bone broth family fun Tony Felicity

Based on the beautiful South Gippsland Coast, we believe in the concept of ‘food is medicine’. Our dual passions around real food and well-being form the foundation of our business.


I am a passionate chef and eager permaculturalist. I believe in real food and real flavours and have been making traditional broths for over twenty years. Due to a personal health crisis and diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Disease, I began to look at the healing properties of this traditional, wholesome product. Broth has now become a constant in my life and I can attest to the benefits – I feel great! When I started sharing my experience I was amazed at just how many people suffer with gut-related issues. I began to wonder if my broth could help others too.


I have an avid interest in holistic approaches to health. My biomedical science background and yoga teacher training have led me to use a variety of approaches to help manage persistent anxiety. With more research linking gut health and brain function, I was interested in assessing the personal effect of consuming broth for myself, so jumped on the broth wagon too! The improvement in my gut health and resulting awareness of just how much it affected my anxiety has been amazing. Tonemade is bringing back a food product that has been used for thousands of years but has all but disappeared from the western tradition.